Mount Washington Eastern Slope Panorama


This view is of the eastern aspect of Mount Washington, New Hampshire and was taken at approximately 8:30 AM on March 13, 2019 from the top of Wildcat D at 4062’. Geographic features visible include (roughly L to R) the Gulf of Slides, Boott Spur, Tuckerman Ravine, Mount Washington summit (6288'), Raymond Cataract, Sherburne Ski Trail, Tuckerman Ravine Trail, Huntington Ravine, and the Auto Road.


  • Canon 5D Mark III camera with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens.
  • 74 individual photos shot @ 135mm on a tripod, f/8, 1/1250s, ISO 100.
  • RAW files merged together using Photoshop.


This photo is best printed in a 1:3 ratio, examples would be 8x24" or 12x36". A ratio of 1:4 is also possible. Due to the very high resolution file size, the photo can be printed very large, easily up to 36" high (ex: 36x108" or 36x144") or higher depending viewing location. To see any example in person, there is a three 48x58" metal print display at Tuckerman Brewing Company in Conway, New Hampshire.

Custom Prints

The largest selection of print sizes and printing methods are available directly through me using the inquiry form below, this would include very large and/or multi photo displays.