To view full details about this photo, visit the portfolio listing. Weather data is courtesy the Mount Washington Observatory.

Mount Washington Eastern Slope Panorama Poster


  • View of the eastern slope of Mount Washington with reference terrain labels and interesting weather information.
  • High resolution printing on a premium photo paper (please contact me if you have a request for specific paper types).
  • Can be hung on wall as is or framed (can be framed in whole or trimmed down to just frame the image).
  • Poster loosely rolled and carefully packaged in a box or tube.
  • You can leave a note or designate a shipping address on the checkout page if you’d like to send this to another person.
  • I will review your order and contact you if I have any questions or recommendations.

Three sizes currently available:

  1. 15″ x 40″ with image size of 10″ x 36″.
  2. 12″ x 36″ with image size of 9″ x 34″
  3. 12″ x 26″ with image size of 8″ x 24″.

Shipping & Delivery/Pickup

  • For orders up to $99.99, shipping is a flat rate of $9.95. The method is usually USPS Priority and includes tracking.
  • For orders of $100 or more, shipping is included. The method is usually USPS Priority and includes tracking.
  • Delivery or pickup is available in the Jackson, NH area. This would include the towns of Bartlett and North Conway. After receiving your order, I'll be in touch to arrange this.